About Us

Our Vision

The Astrology Coffee is More Than Fair. We are part of a network of coffee growers and coffee roasters with the commitment to paying 4-to-5 times above the fair trade minimum wage in return for their high quality coffee. We invest more in the growers, who are historically exploited by being grossly underpaid, because we want to grow together through mutual respect and cooperation.

We are proud to be in the More Than Fair group because we are actively reforming the unfair system of international coffee trade with every coffee bag sold.

Our Coffee

We roast a unique coffees and ship them fresh off of the roaster with every order. Our standard is to carry memorable coffees grown mainly by our friends from Alajuela, Costa Rica and Bamenda, Cameroon. 🇨🇷🤝🏿🇨🇲

How it Works

Receive a new package of freshly roasted coffee directly in your mailbox at the start of every zodiac season. You may choose your desired frequency (every week, bi-weekly, monthly) and size (half pound, one pound, two or more).