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Memorable coffees from Costa Rica, Cameroon, and Nepal

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Our direct personal collaborations with industry leaders over the years has enabled us to grow and roast better coffee every year.

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"The best coffee I have ever made at home! It's so good I started drinking it black. Love it!"

Michelle, Seattle

"Solid for the caffeine and for the rich flavor. No complaints."

Frank, New York

"Happy to have this as my daily coffee. I love the wholesome taste and enjoy drinking it in the morning and evenings."

Antonia, Kentuky

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Astrology & Coffee

Universality, our common connection with the sky and to earth, makes us explore the themes of astrology and coffee.

With astrology, we see numerous cultures across time creating meaning with the cosmos. And with coffee, a beverage with a social character exists because of cultivation and exchange for hundreds of years.

Both bring people together.